SharePoint Online Site not working in IE (Internet Explorer)

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SharePoint online site is used to work in Internet Explorer browser via Citrix earlier. But, now getting error message as "Error details: Error: spfx loader is not present in the page in IE". Tried with different tenants and still getting same error for every tenant.


Any help on troubleshooting this problem.




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We also have a SharePoint that is hosted on the 365 platform. We are running into the Exact same issue you are describing here. The Page will load no issues with Chrome or Edge. But we have links that point to a file share server that only works when running in IE.. So far have tested with Google Chrome and the IE Tab Extension and that still appears to have the same effect error: SPFx Loader is not present in the page. 

Had an older ISO version of Windows 10. Thinking maybe an automatic update to the edge browser was the culprit when switching to IE Mode but alas still the same issue.


I did report an issue with Share Point and Microsoft was "investigating" and come in today and been closed with no issues found. 



Small update - 12:42PM - Opened a ticket up with Microsoft at 7:20am. Here at 12:43PM still awaiting a response or update on the ticket. 


Only Option I see now as a workaround to have people gain access to some of these items is to simply upload in SharePoint and modify where the file is pointing to. Would rather not have to go this route. Because it is quite a good amount. 



We're seeing the same behavior as of yesterday afternoon.  Our "classic" SharePoint sites load just fine, but others fail with the same message.

Noticed similar behavior and error in one of our sites today. It only happens in Edge. Works normal in Chrome.
I would not spent time on fixing IE issues.
It is no longer supported:
Issue can be replicated in new Chromium Edge
IF you turn on IE Mode with-in edge it causes that error message to appear instantly. It seems like they might of just pulled the plug on IE Mode within edge.
By chance are you attempting to open the pages through Internet Explorer or the Edge IE Mode feature. This is how i've been able to reproduce it every event. Stinks cause we call upon a file share server address for some of the forms / pdfs and in house directory.
It is already Turned off in my Edge browser. Toggling it back and forth did not help either in my case.
Same issue here. It worked for a while (in IE mode on Edge as well as in standalone IE browser) then it stopped a few days ago. Page uses OOTB sharepoint webparts. Ticket opened with MS, so far - silence :(
Join the club. I opened a ticket yesterday morning with Microsoft and filling out all the information it had the "estimated timer" if i put a call back number 21 response time. Email 1 hour. Well i got an email response back in about 15 minutes stating they are reviewing the information and that they would call me shortly. Which 0 silence and today is a new morning.

I just find it so odd that it worked last week no issues running it in edge with IE mode turned on for that page. Kind of seems redundant on Microsoft to implement an IE mode within their new browser to only have it fail when reloading a sharepoint site.
Finally received my phone call from Microsoft. Spent over an hour on the phone with the representative about the issue. We tried a few powershell commands to see if the IE mode button within edge would allow the sharepoint online site to load. Still generated the same error. Then kept rambling about how IE 11 was deprecated on June 15th of this year and these are the issues were are facing now. But why would it stop working nearly 2nd week of July a month later? They said due to vulnerabilities that were present this is why it was deprecated. Then why give edge the option to run a site in IE mode? So in all there is not a fix i can provide. Hopefully you have more luck with them. But as far as right now we are all up the creek without a paddle and might be forced to just redesign sharepoint to fully work in edge.

@Karl_P88 Thanks for sticking it out and sharing your experience.  We are experiencing the same issue.  Unfortunately in my industry (working with antiquated control system software that seems to never see an update) utilizing SharePoint is no longer an option since the applications will not run outside of IE.


Appreciate the continued updates and eventual outcome.



Hey no problem. I have been checking it from time to time to see if reloading the page in IE works through edge IE mode. To my surprise today this very morning. I decided to just give it the old college try and low and behold. The SharePoint site reloaded properly through edge using IE mode. 


Ohhh Microsoft.... I don't doubt somewhere in the future there will be the same problem and eventually we all will need to migrate away. However microsoft should note that there are businesses out there that don't upgrade as they should and still on antiquated equipment.


For me as well now site getting loaded properly. But as mentioned, in near future this issue might pop up again.

Thanks for keeping us posted over this issue.
We have both SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2019 On-Prem. We require IE mode configured on our SharePoint 2019 On-Prem site because that way InfoPath Forms open just fine in InfoPath filler as required. When we try put the SharePoint Online URL on the list to open in IE mode, we cannot login to SharePoint Online at all using EDGE. We had heard that you can't open SharePoint online with IE, but now we can't even open SharePoint Online with EDGE in IE mode. I fear there is no way to move our 1000+ InfoPath forms to SharePoint Online (And please don't helpfully tell me that InfoPath is deprecated and suggest I rebuild all my InfoPath forms in Power Apps unless you would like to come work for me for free for oh, say, the next 2 years rebuilding 1000 complex InfoPath forms in Power Apps!)
Welcome to wonderful world of Microsoft. We have some applications still that are published by another facility that we gain access via a VPN Tunnel. The site needs to be loaded in IE mode and thankfully that still works for now. But yes that is correct loading any SharePoint site with IE mode will generate the "globalthis" error when clicking the IE Mode button. We all know Internet Explorer 11 is deprecated but there are many more people out there that still rely on it and with their recommended options of migrating content that is reliant of IE 11 or IE mode is just not feasible in a matter of days or weeks.

We open File explorer links in SharePoint which is a feature of IE Mode but since it doesn't work. The recommended is to use the feature of One Drive and sync the folders etc etc except the problem is we don't utilize one drive and i foresee staff getting extremely confused on the process.

Stay clear from using IE to access SharePoint. Start using the browser interface (or OneDrive) or use alternatives that circumvent IE problems. See here and here.

There are solutions that offer 99% of the Windows Explorer functionality and support modern browsers on Windows and macOS.