SharePoint Online Site Navigation Does NOT Allow Changing Links into Labels.

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For the last couple of months, we have been experiencing an issue where users cannot modify any of the existing Links on the SPO Site Navigation, making them into Labels.


I have opened a support ticket to MS but was told this is an expected behavior.

I do not agree with this response as this cannot and should not be by design.  Users should be able to modify site navigation.


Please fix this bug.

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I have similar issue. There are few sites in our tenant, where I can't add entry as "Label" in left side navigation. Your inability to change the link to label may be originated from the same problem as our is. Try to add new label and let us know.

Hi @Miroslav675 ,

Thanks for your input. 

I don't have any issue adding new labels or links.  It's only when I want to convert the existing links into labels we cannot. The silly workaround is to remove the old link and create a new lable. But...  this is not acceptable and this is not what the user should do!

Microsoft should apply a hot fix to the cause!