SharePoint Online site loses permissions


I have a site in my SharePoint Online tenant that is for HR to update all employees on new hires and forms, etc.


I added "everyone except external users" to the visitors group. 


It worked fine but recently, it keeps being removed from the group and I have to go back in and manually re-add it.


How can I check to see how this is being removed?  

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@Phillip Poole Is this an Team Site connected to Office 365 Groups? If so, that's a bug or a feature depending on how you look at it. (there are other threads in the MTC about this).


If you add Everyone as a direct permission (not inside Visitors) it should stick.

@Kevin Crossman 


Yes, this is a Team site and had an Office 365 group created by the link in the lower left corner many months after the site was built.


I am confused by your last sentence.  How do I add everyone with direct permission.  Do you mean on the home page and invite them?   


We want to have everyone have access but only view.   


Is this getting confusing?

@Phillip Poole Gear menu -> Site Permissions.

Then click Advanced Permissions Settings. (e.g. https://<tenant><groupname>/_layouts/15/user.aspx)

Then "Grant Permissions" to Everyone except external with the permission "read"

Thanks @Kevin Crossman 


But just out of curiosity, how does this differ from going into the Visitor Group and adding by New -> add users?


This is how I normally do it and it seems like the same thing but different way.   Right?

@Phillip Poole As a practical matter it does not differ in the outcome. The only difference is that one works and the other doesn't (when its a Private Group site, not a traditional team site or comms site)

Sounds good.  @Kevin Crossman 


I will change my strategy on adding people/groups to sites.