SharePoint Online search results have removed the path

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I've noticed recently that my SharePoint online site search results no longer show a folder path to the results - it used to show a basic breadcrumb structure of where the searched file was located.

Any way to return this functionality? It's incredibly useful when searching to figure out where the result is... seems extremely counterintuitive to remove it.



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Hello @Mysticode 


yes same here. Currently it's not possible to configure this back...


Either Microsoft will add it back, or we will have to wait until custom result types can be configured.


Regards, Dave


I fully agree that this change is really counter-productive! I have told all our users how excellent the search result is to find back where a given document is stored by using the path, when searching from a site's Home page (and not within a library). Now it is similar to when in a library, and users cannot easily see what folder it is stored. Very often when trying to find a certain document you cannot remember the exact name of, you search for another document you know is in the same folder / or close to it. This is not possible anymore. Even across all sites! So Microsoft, why did you take this away?????