SharePoint Online Search not finding certain folders

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My client has a large document library, over 3m files and 180k folders. Each customer gets a folder and each deal gets a subfolder where we store documents for each deal. Some customer folders do not appear when we search for them, while others do. A customer had a new deal come in yesterday, so a new subfolder was created at around 3pm. When we search in the document library for the customer folder using the folder name, nothing comes up in the results. The documents appear from the subfolder, but the folder does not. I even checked this morning with the same result.


Does anyone have any idea why this is happening?

Is there anything we can do? (and don't say use smaller libraries ;)



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Hi @Matt Suderman ,

the answer is easy: use smaller libraries

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-Just kidding-


For real, 3m files are an insane amount (think about it). ;D 

I found this article, maybe it helps you. If not, send the configuration with further details please.

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