Sharepoint Online Search is finding old folder name

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Hello - We have users copying folder structures in a document library, then renaming the main folder. However, when we use the search function on the library, it pulls up the newly named folder when we are searching for the previous folder. For instance, I copied a folder called '11881.00' and renamed it to '21-0486'. That was a while ago. Today, I was searching for the folder called '11881.00' and it brought up the new folder ('21-0486').


According the the properties in the search list, the Title and Name of the folder are different. But when you look at the details in the regular document list (not within the search), both the Title and the Name are correct.

(current folder title/name - I do not want this folder to come up with I search for '11881.00')



(folder that comes up when searching for '11881.00', it shouldn't come up, as the 'Name' is 21-0486 now):



I know this is confusing. But just need the search to not look for other 'versions' of the folders / names or cached information. I'm not sure how to explain it better.


Thanks, in advance.

~ lahddah



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Hi @Hollis255 ,


I'm not sure what permissions your user have, but you can change this.


Right click on the folder/file > Details and edit all.




Thank you for your response! I did try this and if I change the 'name' to what it should be, I get the error that the 'destination already exists'. I can't see versioning for folder names, or else I would think I could delete the 'old' name from there.
You are welcome. Are you Owner of the site or just a member?

@Adin_Calkic  - I am the site admin for our SharePoint intranet...

@Adin_Calkic - that was my next step. I thought this happened on a regular basis, and this folder update was probably done weeks or months ago.


I was nervous about reindexing the library because there are thousands of regularly used and important company documents in it and I didn't want to take the chance the reindexing might mess something else up. I'll look further into that process. Thank you for the suggestion!


~ lahddah