Sharepoint Online search folders with custom permissions

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Hello everyone,


I have a document library on a Sharepoint online site with many folders. I applied specific permissions on the folders, adding security groups and removing the sharepoint members, for more granular control to access the folders.

I noticed that the search engine doesn't find the documents and folders that don't have the permission "Sharepoint - Members" assigned.

Do you know how I can fix this ?

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@Guewen Are you in the SharePoint - Members group or in an Owners group or administrators permissions group? SharePoint recognizes permissioning and normally only displays search results that the user viewing the results has access to. If you happened to remove the group that you, yourself are in from a folder or file . . . then you won't see it in the search results because you no longer have access to it. If that is not the case, then you will want to check the advanced settings on the document library and make sure that it doesn't have search turned off for the items in the library.

Thank you for your reply.

So I am member of the security group that grants access to the folders, I can access all the subfolders and documents. I also tried reindex the sharepoint library.

But the search engine still won't find anything in the folders where I granted custom permissions and removed "Sharepoint - Members".


I'm still investigating on this. 


Update :
I can find the items I'm searching when I click "Expand search to all items in this site".
When searching items using the search bar from the document library web page, it's not finding them.
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Resolved :
The search doesn't work if the user is owner of the sharepoint ! Had to remove the users from being a sharepoint owner and add him to the security group granting access to the folders. Then the search is working as intended.