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Hi All


Hopefully an easy question. On the SharePoint Online search results page (/_layouts/15/search.aspx) is it possible to have additional filters on the Files tab using Managed Metadata?


If so, please could you point me in the right direction to configure this?





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There sure is. The pnp webpart from github works. I wish the user interface experience was a bit better including spanning the width of the browser window.

We have numerous customers that require managed metadata filters in the Modern SharePoint experience and the lack of this functionality is very restrictive at present. Trying to get clients away from working with classic folders to structure content and instead tagging content is very difficult when you can't filter on the metadata tags that are applied...

I understand that Microsoft has a focus on implementing a common search experience across all it's M365 products which makes a lot of sense but there is an obvious requirement for a large number of businesses to have the ability to filter content based on their company information architecture/ taxonomies.

Microsoft should not be making the experience worse in key areas such as content tagging and  filtering. 


I am also aware that there is an advanced PnP Modern Search WebPart solution on offer which is a great piece of work... but this requires that customers implement custom solutions on their tenants which then need to be maintained and managed and not all businesses wish to go down this route. Based on the speed of the Microsoft's Evergreen approach (Continuous Feature Development) I can understand that customers are less inclined to deploy custom solutions and would rather use standard features... It just a shame that these key features aren't available to support the filtering of labelled content.

Microsoft it is time you provided this feature... Modern sites have been around for a long time now and so has the PnP Modern Search solution. Where is the "Out of the Box" solution for filtering search content?

I agree 100% Alan. What's the value in asking users to tag their content if you can't filter/refine on it? I've been out of the SharePoint game for a couple of years - but c'mon, this Modern search experience is digression. Why bother creating Content Types?

@Alan Hunter 

In addition to Alan's valid points, I would like to add that you can't hide the search in the top center if you use the PnP Search Web part, so you end up with 2 search boxes that do vastly different things, and the oob search box takes you to a different page, screwing up the navigation.  Its VERY confusing to the end users.

I agree with the last two contributors. Our users will refuse to invest any time tagging content if the relevant refiners are not surfaced in the default search experience.