Sharepoint Online Search display documents independently of refiners?

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we have a large Document Library and we use Sharepoint Search classic and pnp as well to find documents.


Our users are used to refine documents down to the size. However, here comes the problem.


General documents that refer to all products or to several series are not displayed because they are not tagged to each series/size.


But we can't tag these general documents with the metadata of all products, series and sizes. One loses then the overview.


When we do that it looks something like this:

[Product A] selected as Refiner

available Series should be [Series A, A1,A2,A3]


But if we tagged the general documents with all series and sizes all series are shown as refiner [Series A, A1,A2,A3,B,B1...] even if they don't belong to the selected product.


Is there a way to show the documents anyway, even if they are tagged e.g. as "General" even if the users refine specifically up to the size?


Or alternatively if we tag the general documents for all families, series and sizes, that only series and sizes that belong to the selected product?


Thanks a lot


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