Sharepoint online - Read only on web, Read & Write on the App

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Hi Everyone,


Our company has a 365 subscription with SharePoint online, in the past I had an issue with a user that was able to edit documents online but when he opened the same file with the App the document was in read only mode, that time I cleaned up a temp folder on the client and the problem gone away.


Today a user reported me a similar issue but reverse, if the user try to edit an .XLSX online there's a red bar that states the document is read only, if she opens the same .XLSX with the App she's able to edit and save the file without any problem.


We have checked the site permissions and she's the owner, on the same site there's another user (owner) that do not face the same problem.


If search online for this issue, I can only find the first kind of issue and not the kind we are facing now.


Any ideas?


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I have run into similar issues with Excel files when a user has their folder or document library synced to their desktop. See the delete cache options, but first stop syncing the library from OneDrive desktop settings. If it's not synced to the desktop this may not be the issue.
Hi Rocio,

Thanks for the hint! I'll check this on monday with the user.





The user did not have synced any SharePoint library except her personal folder wich she do not use and not want so I took the opportunity to uninstall OneDrive completely from her computer, of course this did not resolved the issue but thank you anyway.



Resolved! I've contacted the Microsoft support and the technician guided me to activate under the user's license the component "Office for the Web", which wasn't active, after 15 minutes the issue was resolved.