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I am the administrator for a small business. We have an Office 365 subscription that includes Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online. One of our Teams has a file that they would like to share with anyone on the internet.  However, when we try to use the Sharing option, "anyone with the link" is disabled/greyed out.  Per the entire internet, I've:

1. gone to SharePoint Admin --> Sharing and verified that "Anyone with the link" is available

2. gone to SharePoint Admin --> Active Sites and verified that "Anyone with the link" is available for the specific site

3. gone to the Site Collection Features and verified that user lock-down mode is disabled.


Yet the "anyone with the link" option remains greyed out.  How can this be fixed?  Is there a random powershell command I need to run?  Or has Microsoft disabled this feature for Office 365/SharePoint Online?

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What you are seeing is the expected behavior for files stored within a Microsoft 365 Group/Team's library. You can find more details for example in this thread:

I took another stab at the problem today and your link helped. I went to SharePoint Admin --> Active Sites, selected the sites, and activated the sharing option "Anyone". I thought I had done this before, but apparently not. It seems to be working properly now.
A small tip is to check if you have automatic disabling of anonymous links after X days. Could prevent future headache. :)

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YES! this!
This needs to be splashed all over the internet - people are turning to Google Drive because this setting is so hard to change!!