SharePoint Online Quick Launch doesn't change when site changes.

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In SPO, using the modern UI, and Private sites.  We are having a problem with the Quick Launch not changing when the site changes.  This behavior is not consistent, but it is truly confusing the users. 


Let's say I'm on the Main site, and I select another site. The page changes.  The Quick Launch on the left-sidebar may or may NOT change when the page loads.  When the Quick Launch does NOT change, any major operation ("see all" on a document library, for example) will cause the Quick Launch to "catch-up" to the current site.  Looking at site settings will also cause an update to the Quick Launch.


Navigating back to the Main site will usually (but not always) cause the Quick Launch sidebar to update correctly.


Obviously, these Quick Launch links are important to the operation of the individual sites, and having the wrong links on the current  page isn't going to work!


This looks to me like inconsistent site initialization, but I have no idea if I can affect this.  Does anybody have an idea how I might solve this problem?


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I've had this issue with the cog wheel awhile back and reported it as a bug and it got fixed fairly quickly. It's something with how they are improving performance with page caching but I've seen this happen frequently with the context not changing. Let me see if I can find the post, and I'll see if I can mention people in that post to see if they can look into this issue as well.

Here is the post I was talking about:


@Steve Zhang you had looked into this previously with me in the past regarding the cog wheel. Seems like there might be a similar issue with the Quick launch bar when navigating to sites. 


@Deleted a work around that I used to use was creating tiny url's using URL shorten-er to force a new page which will keep the issue from happening, if you only have a few links that are used often you can look at this approach to hold you over. 

Thanks, Christopher. I look forward to getting this fixed. It's driving my users batty, and the President is expecting me to fix it quickly (of course!) but I expect there's not much I can do about it on my end.
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I would also look into submitting a ticket to Microsoft in case. See if you can replicate the issue, and show it, recommend a video like I did in my linked post, to help them see the issue, also post it here incase Steve Zhang see's this and can respond.
Thanks, Christopher. Unfortunately, we have 70 sites. Nobody uses them all, but everyone uses a subset of them all. I'll play with the concept, but it looks like MS should force a full page load every time, since so many parts are breaking. I think the caching idea makes sense, but the approach used had unintended consequences that seem to be cascading.
Or at least make it a use option :).

I've attached a hastily created video (no audio, sorry) of the issue.  It's easy to see the Quick Launch context doesn't change until you do something significant on the page, causing a refresh of the whole thing.


Yup, same issue I had with the cog wheel and those settings keeping old context. I just reproduced the same issue very easily. Make sure you report this to support ticket and post it here. Hopefully someone can get on checking into this.
Do you know how I can submit a ticket to MS? The only "support" option I end up with is asking me to pay -- Sorry, I don't pay anybody to debug their software for them.

We're an Enterprise E3 client. I expect there is a method for doing this, but it's far from clear or intuitive.
Should be a request support link on the admin portal. Under support menu > New Service Request
I think I've done it. Ticket 10745853 started. MS is reproducing and aware of this thread.

Good times! ;)

Thanks for all your help, Christopher, and especially for helping me to confirm I'm not crazy (well, about this, anyway).
Quick workaround: If the context is wrong (or questionable) refreshing the page (F5) performs a full reload and the context is updated correctly.

We have seen this issue and replicated it across all of our client's tenants


Example here:


We have an active ticket with MS via the 365 portal as well, waiting to hear back on that one.


I also reached out to Vesa from the SharePoint development team and he advised to submit a ticket as well.

Jut got word from MS that the issue is resolved, and have verified on multiple tenants.


SharePoint Online service degradation issue SP144218

  • Issue: " Delays or problems loading SharePoint Online sites or OneDrive for Business"
  • Status: Service restored
  • Last updated: Jul 13, 2018 2:12 PM

Please check out the following link which may help to resolve your issue

Thanks for letting us know.

The issue seems to be resolved on our tenant.  I tested this morning by going to a number of subsites and returning.  The QuickLaunch context changed immediately every time.


My users have been instructed to report any anomalies to me ASAP.  For now, it looks like we're good.


Thanks to all who worked on this issue.  Well done!

This appears to still be an issue as we are experiencing it in our tenant.  We will open a support ticket.



I am facing the same issues. I have developed the new modern pages across various sites but when jumping to another site left navigation/quick launch does change simultaneously until I hit refresh button. This works fine in classic mode but facing difficulties in modern view. Any suggestions or resolutions from any of you would be highly appreciated. 


Thank you,


Salik Anwar

Having similar issue.  When switching between site collections that use modern pages.  One has quick launch the other does not.  When clicking through, the quick launch of the previous site shows on the target site that has no quick launch.


If navigating from a modern page with a quick launch to another modern page with quick launch, the quick launch from the first page still shows.


Does not happen when navigating from a classic page with quick launch to a modern page without.