Sharepoint online public team site


Hi ,

I created a public  SharePoint team site , the issue is any organization member can  add himself as a member 

How to stop this default action ? . I want to give them read-only permission only . 


I have added a calendar in online sharepoint . How Can I  give share the link to  the users ?



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I am new to SP but I believe that if you go to the site and select Site Permissions you can then change the Members to be View Only. This should stop new members from being able to edit.

For the calendar sharing, use the calendar online and share calendar option.

I would have a good look through here for more info.

Others here may have a better understanding to be able to help you in more detail.


Thanks ,I have changed the default settings for the site
who can edit the membership of the group , by default it is "members" . I changed to Owners

But still anyone can add him as member

If i understand you correctly, then you should probably make the site private and have "Everyone within your organisation" able to view it or i don't think you are going to be able to get the result you require. The link to Microsoft Docs should help you.