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Hi Team,


Can you help me with Sharepoint Online Promoted links  (tiles ) . I can use it on Sharepoint offiline tools. 

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Can you expand a bit more on what you are trying to do?


  • Promoted links works with CLASSIC sites
  • If you are dealing with a MODERN site, you will want to use the QUICK LINKS web part. It will give you all the same things that promoted links gave you...and then some.

Please let us know if this helps!

In Promoted links there is Tile Option. It's look presentable in links in Classic site. However there is tile option not available for promoted/Quick link. Please help to find out other options. Thanks



The modern equivalent to promoted links is called "Quick Links" and there is a Tile option as show below. Please let us know if this helps



@Michael Malloy  As I tested and used that such tiles and HEro Webpart. It is not like Classic site promoted links. I got to notice directly you can not create promoted links in main site. you will create subsite under a online site which is classic site, then you will design the promted links and other things as well. Microsoft should develop Promoted links in Online site which is availble in classic site. 





Or we could adapt to the new updated version of promoted links which is called Quick links on modern site pages. Quick links blows promoted links out of the water. Good luck!