SharePoint Online - Print button needed on Document Library toolbar/right-click menu.

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We're needing the ability to select and print multiple Word documents (most are 1 page but different sized page layouts) within a SharePoint Online Document Library (Tiled View). Others would no doubt need the ability to print PDF, Excel, images and other documents. 



Can MS please add an "Enable Print Icon" option into Advanced List Settings, so that an administrator can allow users to easily print documents located within the Document Library via an icon in the Document Library Toolbar.

As a side note - I find it incredible how a common feature such as "Print" isn't even an option in the right click menu, yet we have useless deprecated options such as "Workflows" lingering in the menu... 

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@_KarlH As far as I know, this functionality does not exist today, but on the "Feedback Web Portal" you can register this type of request for new functionality and/or improvement suggestions. 

@_KarlH Unfortunately, print option is not available in out of the box SharePoint functionality.


You can submit a new idea on feedback portal as suggested by @MagnusGoksoyrOLDProfile or upvote on any existing & similar ideas on same portal.


Alternatively, you can develop the SPFx list view command set extension to achieve this functionality. Check below SPFx sample which may help you to get started with: Print List Item Command View Set 


Or you have to use any 3rd party solutions if available.

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