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Is it possible for a Site Owner to be able to preview what a Guest in a SharePoint site can see what they visit a site? Currently, a customer I am working with only allows Guest users from a limited number of domains, and a Site Owner has asked if it possible to be able to preview what they actually see when they visit the site. Seems a simple ask, but cannot find the setting anywhere

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No its not possible. If they are a customer then you could get them to invite you as a guest and you could review with them on screenshare what that looks like. 


Guests have the permissions you assign them so there is no set view, depends what permissions you give them. If you added the guest to a members group they would see everything a member does. One thing to note is that guests cannot see any content from other sites even if they have permissions, e.g. a news feed or similar. 

@Andrew Hodges  Thanks for the prompt reply. I thought as much to be honest. Just seems a bit cumbersome to create dummy accounts to preview a site.

And how the heck do we check or test without bothering someone else?
Wow, I cannot believe such a feature doesn't exist. The layout is quite different for an Admin compared to a regular user, and it's really unclear whether dummy content is showing for visitors or not!
Product design ain't MS forte.
This is a good feature. I want to see controls only when I click the Edit button.

@Chanaka Palliyaguru 

Yep. It should only update if entered admin page or designer page