SharePoint Online Powershell Connection (MFA) inside PS Job




I am trying to figure out how to pass a PNP connection to a PowerShell job.


When using Connect-PNPOnline -Url "URL" -UseWebLogin nothing it return so the connection cannot be passed around.

I have some PNP cmdlets running inside Start-Job ScriptBlock. 

So instead of running Connect-PNPOnline inside the scriptblock, how can I pass in the connection?


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@Frederick Wilson 

Use -returnconnection and save the result as something.

$MyWebConnection = connect-pnpOnline -url -interactive -returnconnection

Then you can use the connection switch to 'force' the use of this connection.

$web = get-pnpWeb -connection $MyWebConnection


You can pass them to functions as parameters too:

function Do-StuffInAWeb {
        [Parameter(Mandatory=$true)]   [PnP.PowerShell.Commands.Base.PnPConnection]$PnPWebConnection,    
        [Parameter(Mandatory=$true)]   [string]$ReportPath =$(throw "-ReportPath parameter is required.")