SharePoint Online - PnP search v4 - List item - result display

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Hi all,


Hope you are all doing great. Having one question regarding PNP search v4. I managed the configure most of the stuff but there is one issue that I am not sure how to resolve. The idea is to search items from the Sharepoint list which is formatted in a specific view. When the search is done (I am using the search box and search results, nothing else), it shows these items which is great. However, the issue that I am having is that it opens the item in DispForm.aspx form, which is not the view I want for users to use. Is there a way to resolve this issue (without affecting other sites)?


Also, I used the following line for searching the list for results

Query template

{searchTerms} path:

Result Source Id / Scope|Name


Any help would be deeply appreciated.



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