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Hello community!

I would like to ask you if it’s under construction for the near future the capability of assigning user permissions to list views. (element level permissions under advanced settings, doesn’t meet our needs)


Thank you in advance!

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AFAIK, such feature is not under construction
I'd second what Juan Carlos González Martín has said, I've not seen anything regarding this in the roadmap either. What is it you are looking to do?
Thank you very much!

@Anthony_Tudor  I have a list with a variety of different views, but my need is some groups of users to be able to see specific views, not all of them, since some columns include confidencial info and should be seen only by one-two groups of users..

I think that is quiet substantial when somebody uses List, to be able to assign to every view, it's own permissions.


Thank you in advance!

Hi @sathena7, yes I'd agree being able to set permissions on list/library views would be good, but to be honest short of using uservoice if it's not in the roadmap now I'm not sure it will be any time soon.

The only other things i would suggest would be to create the an additional list that holds the confidential columns and use a workflow to link the related list items together (i.e. create a hyperlink column thats populated with a link to list B from list A when a confidential item is added). You could then secure the lists as required and keep them joined up

Hi @Anthony_Tudor , 

that is a good thought of workaround! I may use it, since I have no other choice!
Do you have any idea which is the field in Power Automate that represents the link of the item in B list, in order to copy it to the new hyperlink fild of A list?
And one more critical for us question, is there a way to merge data from A and B lists, into one report- excel?


Thank you very much for your time!