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Hi Guys 


I am working on Microsoft SharePoint Online. I have created a SharePoint solution that consists of a site collection, in which I have created a document library and under the document library I have setup multiple folders in which to store documents.


Take note that at the site collection level I have assigned all users to the visitors group with standard read access. At the document library level , I have assigned all users to the visitors group with standard read access (I did not break inheritance at this level).


I require assistance to assign permissions to specific folders under the document library, as I cannot seem to get this to work. However the permissions need to be different to the site and document library level (apply only to the folders) and when assigned must not affect or break the permissions on any other level.


If anyone can guide me as to how I can set this up in my SharePoint solution, I would greatly appreciate your advice. 


If any further information is needed just ask and I will provide.




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@Jarrod0107 To assign folder level permissions, follow below steps:

1. Go to SharePoint document library

2. Select the folder for which you want to assign the permissions

3. Click on ellipses (...) & select Manage access


4. It will open a panel at the right side where you can grant/remove permissions specific to this folder.

5. You can also click on the Advanced link at the bottom of panel to open the folder permissions settings in classic experience where you can break permission inheritance, grant/remove permissions.


This will only change the permissions for the specific folder you selected. This will not affect any permissions at document library or site level.

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