SHAREPOINT online performance monitoring tool, audit, backup and migration

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I am looking for a tool forSHAREPOINT online which does performance monitoring ( to track details of slow pages, user hits etc.) tool, audit, backup and custom classic publisher sites migration. Pls suggest.
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@Teresa2195 Hi. in the free category, i'm using clarity from microsoft on some pages


It give you also heatmaps, and you can link it to google analytics if you want more details.

You can also use this edga extension Page diagnostics for SharePoint - Microsoft Edge Addons. it will identify some bottleneck and give you tips on how to speed up your page/site


Concerning backup, as I'm relying on the term store, I use avepoint (some other tools were not able to restore the exact metadata.


I use also sharegate to migrate data. There is a section "report" that give you a lot of data.


Syskit trace and syskit point are good tools (but didn't use it myself, too expensive for our non profit organisation)


I am already using page diagnostics for SharePoint. I am looking for a tool to purchase or anything’s that can give detailed analytics. How about Azure Application insights ? I am okay to purchase just that I do not want to make the wrong choice. I am looking for the detailed tools that does migration, backup; audit, reporting and performance analysis. Please advise.
You can also look to implement microsoft365dsc (syskit trace is based on it)
I've updated my answer. For application insight on azure, i've just setup a ping on it to get notified of any issue on it. You can still use azure to implement the desire state configuration.
So far I ddin't find a tool taht does everything. Definetively migration : sharegate. backup avepoint
The above mentioned tools can be used for custom publishing classic Sharepoint sites as well I hope.
to migrate? yes but please note that some restriction apply as some feature didn't exist on the cloud. And some preparatory work should be done to.

On my side, when migrating from sharepoint 2016 to online, i've tried to get rid of the classic site (possible also with sharegate)

Hi @Vertebre85 

My site collection is a bunch of customisation on publishing site. I tried ShareGate trial version based on your comments but there is a lot of manual work that need to be done. Can this be done in a better way if you can give me more suggestions?


Much appreciated.