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Hello everyone


We have document libraries which have been functioning well with the built-in functionality that if you check a document into the library with major version "publish" that the document then moves to "pending" status. I have noted that the behaviour has changed across all document libraries, even if i create a new library, that if a document is checked-in as a major version the document is checked in, however it stays at "draft". In order to publish we need to pick each file individually to "submit for approval"


The library settings, which have not changed, are as below:




Please help share any ideas or advice what may cause this sudden change in behaviour?






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Hello @Patrick_Favre 


how you think was the behaviour before?


You have check-in/out AND content approval activated. Are this zwo steps not normal with your settings?


Best, Dave

@David Mehr 


Hello David

Previous behaviour - If you added a new document or were editing an existing document in the library, in both cases the document is currently checked out and the approval status (SharePoint out the box functionality) is in draft; when the document is checked in as major version (publish) the documents approval status would change from "draft" to "pending". Then you can select one or multiple documents and reject/approve (via the SharePoint standard approval workflow).


The current behaviour - on checkin of major version (publish) the documents approval status remains in "draft". In order to approve you must only select a single document at a time and select "submit for approval", as below.




Once you select submit for approval the status changes to "pending" and the approve/reject is avaialble.



Note that no settings in the libraries have changed to cause this