SharePoint Online - overlapping text in drop-down menu


In the last week, we've started seeing drop-downs with long choice text fields wrapping the text where it didn't do that in the past. I have switched to using radio buttons, but where there a lot of fields, the business doesn't always want this. We're using Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 Enterprise machines. Clearing browser data does not change the results.


Ideas as to why this is now failing? The image below shows the behavior.  Thanks!



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For anyone who needs multi-select (which are required in some of our columns), keep in mind that the radio buttons work-around won't fit that need.
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Column formatting did the trick. I used a sample from github, sp-dev-list-formatting/text-wrap-format.json at master · pnp/sp-dev-list-formatting · GitHub and then just adjusted to what worked well for us.

Many thanks to @Chris Kent and @Vesa Juvonen for publishing that sample!