Sharepoint online organization chart levels are not showing

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Organization chart levels are not showing in Sharepoint modern page, I've set the Number of reporting levels up to 3, When I'm changing number it's popping and then disappears.

Do I need to configure some settings in O365, AD or Current user require some more access.??

Please find attached the screen sort.

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@anandasanyal2019 To confirm, you set up the relationship with Manager field on the AD Object/User Profile Objects?

Hello, @Beau Cameron 

I experience the same issue as noted within this thread. Our organisation outsource an IT provider who sets up our user profiles - Does this issue stem from the source of them not configuring the licences properly? 

When adding or selecting any person with direct reports in the web part, it dosent load any direct reports even though they have several. This issue isnt unique to an individual, its across the whole organisation. 

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@Claire0412 Can you confirm whether the manager field has been filled out in Active Directory for all of your users?

This is something I will need to check with our IT Provider as they set up our user profiles on the Active Directory.
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Can you make sure to select someone who is a manager and has reportee's in org chart web part ?
Also you can check whether org hierarchy is setup properly or not by clicking on your picture or initials in top right corner, selecting 'My Office profile' which should take you to Delve profile page. Your org chart will be displayed there. This information is available in most of Office services like Outlook & Teams as well.

In general as long as manager field is setup correctly, it will load the org chart.


I am also having trouble getting all my org chart levels to show. I can show some levels, but not the entire company. Is there a max amount of people that you can show? And do you start with the top employee or employees at the lowest level?