SharePoint Online - Open with Word/excel option not working in IE browser in Modern view

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Hi Team,


We're facing a new issue on opening files in SharePoint online document library in Modern view in IE browser.

In IE browser and in modern view, when we click on "open with excel" or "Open with word" nothing happens. 

1. The above operation works in classic view in all browsers including IE browser.
2. It works in modern view in Edge and Chrome browsers but not in modern view in IE browser.

3. If we change the Advanced settings -- > Default open behavior for browser-enabled documents -- > Open in the client application, then the file opens in client application on clicking the file. 

4. But the options which we get in more options - Open with Excel/Word doesn't work in IE browser. attached the image on the option which we're trying. 


Searched for similar articles and found the below relevant one.


As per the above article, ran the below command with admin permission. 

• netsh int tcp set heuristics disabled
• netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled


It worked in IE browser in Modern View too after trying above command. But after restarting the machine it stopped working in IE browser in Modern view. 


Please anyone share your thoughts on how to get this fixed.



Arun Kumar D.

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Is it an option avoid to use IE? I have found that modern SPO does not behave well in IE and I advice my customers to go to Google Chrome, Edge or FireFox