SharePoint Online New Options Disappeared

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On one of our SharePoint sites, a user reported that when they click on the 'New' button on the homepage, they are only able to create a Page. Previously, they had all the options available (List, Document Library, Page, News Post, News Link, Plan, and App). They stated this occurred earlier today. Any ideas why the other options disappeared?



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@Pickii What permissions are granted for this user at site level? Can they see other options when they click on the 'New' button on the site contents page?

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@ganeshsanap The user has Full Control at the site level. Also, under the Site Contents page they are able to see all the options available. 

Also. this seems to be only affecting the subsites of the main SharePoint site.

@Pickii did you ever find a resolution to this? We are experiencing it as well.

We are experincing this issue too across two different SharePoint Sites. Two users including myself have 'Full Control'. Its the disappearing create new 'Document Set' for one particular Library.
Using Edge browser. Have refreshed.
Library has a grouped default view. We tried different views. Did not come back.
Went to 'Edit new menu'. Document set option is checked. But user cannot select to create a 'new' one.
Repeated a few times refresh. In front of our eyes, the new document set option came back. Refreshed again. Gone. The other 'Full Control' user cannot select to create new.

What fixed it in the end was refreshing the page a number of times > ‘Edit New menu’ > check and uncheck the Document set box

I wonder if this is a Microsoft glitch? I seen this many times with desktop Excel file settings.
Microsoft rolled out new coloured folders. Could they have broken something in the process??