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we have a problem.
We changed a name of a sub website, this works fine.
When i search now for a Document, it show the old name of the sub webiste in the seach results.
I already did a reindex of the website.

Does anyone have an idea?

Thank you very much.
Kind regards

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@Silas_Muth How much time you waited after re-indexing the site?

This may take some time to change in search results (maybe until full crawl for site).

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@ganeshsanap the re-indexing was 24 hours before
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IF by Site Name you meant Site Title,


then Site Title is multi-lingual in SharePoint, in case if multiple languages are enabled in the site then you need to change Site Name / Site Title for all the language.


Go the the Site Settings  Language Settings there you can see enabled language for the site.





Below are the steps which you need to perform in order to change Site Title for each language.



  • Take one user and set your language (for which you want to change Site Title) in user profile property language and set priority accordingly.
    • Go to Office Profile from People Menu





  • Click on Update Profile



    • Click on language and regional settings



    • Go the language and region and set your language




  • Navigate to your site and now you will see Site in the language which you have set as first priority in User Profile (This might take 10-15 minutes to reflect -> and try to re-opening browser)
  • Now change the Site Title of the site
  • Repeat above steps for all the available languages 

Backend (CSOM)

Reference Link: 


Hope it will helpful to you.

It takes some time for the search index to update. Give it more time and check back.
Hello @kalpeshvaghela
multilingual is not activated at this site...
now 3 weeks later, the problem is still the same... when i search for a folder or document i see the old site name in the search results