SharePoint online modern site - how to create editable form that can also attachment and auto add.

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I like to know if there's any way to create a editable pdf form into the SP site which can also have attachments and there's some field that need to auto add more columns if needed?


and most importantly, user to use pdf to make changes and replace if needed?    User find it hard to use POwerApps to update changes as hv no technical  background .  All inform will be capture to into SP list including the attachments.



Any best way to do it?



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@bbsin  this message and request has been posted on various chat boxes and forums, I have still not found a solution.

Would appreciate if MS gives a direct response.

@bbsin "User find it hard to use PowerApps to update changes as hv no technical  background" An end user shouldn't need ANY technical background to use Power Apps if an app has been built properly. They just need need to add or change data and click buttons. Even the staff at my company can do it!


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