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Hi, I have been creating team sites without a O365 group for months without issues. Now when I create a site using this template, the site creates but I cannot open the home page. I get this error. 


All the content of site is there if I use _layouts/15/viewlsts.aspx after the URL. 


I can create a new home page but it isn't in the modern look and feel, just the classic which is not what I want. 


Can anyone help?




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Hello @laceyk 


what kind of provisioning and templates do you use?


I recommend you to create a new template and try again. 


Best, Dave

@David Mehr Hi Dave thank you for responding. This is the template I use and it is used across all our site collections. 




The only thing I can think of that caused a change is the following:


I used Sharegate,the migration tool to copy over a site from a different site collection. I am thinking it might have changed something within this site template and now it isn't compatible with the environment it is in. 

How do I get a fresh 'Team Site - no Microsoft 365' group template? 

Hello @laceyk


your PrintScreen looks like an older classic way. Use the new modern way in M365 to create new sites.

This is a default M365 template.


It's correct, you have create a new site and migrate the whole structure, included lists, libraries and content, to your new site with ShareGate?


What, when you create a site and migration only content?

Or activate the modern content type /site page and create a new, modern, page and make it as homepage. I think then works your site.


Regards, Dave

Thanks Dave, I checked under Site Content Types and my site with the home page issue doesn't have all the site columns under SITE PAGE Content Type. I have just copied those site columns across now. However it gave an error 




So it will not copy those fields across. 



Hello @laceyk


ok good, and you can create a new modern page as homepage?


I think that is not necessary. You can leave them as they are, that should work as well.


Regards, Dave

apologies Dave, I thought it had copied across all of them but then found errors