SharePoint Online Modern Search Vertical Refiners Showing Only 100 Items to Filter

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Hi All,


I have created a Modern search page with Microsoft's web part codes. I have added the following web parts: a search box, search results, vertical refiners, horizontal refiners. 

I have nearly 10 Properties to filter in the vertical refiners. One of those property has thousands of values(Managed metadata Column values). But when I try to filter that property with any value, it only works for 100 values under that refiner. I can't set any limitation for vertical refiners. 

Here's that actual refiner. That Property Refiner only shows 100 items under it when I don't search anything.


Is it default refiners have only 100 items to filter or am I missing anything here? 



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@dotem PnP Modern Search is not a Microsoft product, but an open source project ran by PnP and Microsoft, to point out the distinction.


Issues and questions regarding these web parts can be logged at