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Have a question. I saw in a demo a consultant put on for us they were able to add a search bar to the home page of a site. That when you search on the right-hand side the filter pane comes up like when you're trying to adjust what you want to filter on in a list or a library. I really liked this feature but not for there cost :). I would like to do it on my own but don't seem to see where to get started. Anyone have any ideas. Were using Modern Sharepoint Site with a document library that uses content types. There all filterable / searchable in the document library just not on the main home page. 

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Hey @ipconfig_28,


Do you mean this:
They are rolling out a search experience. 

You can also build your own search webpart to implement on your SharePoint sites. 

Here is some documentation about building and deploying webparts:

Here is more info about modern search webparts:

Let me now if this helps! 



The way they had it was there was a search bar at the top and when you typed in an word to search the filter pain showed up on the left.


2019-06-11 09_12_05-Window.png

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It feels like your talking about a classic search page. It provided filters on the left of the results.
A lot of companies still create sites and features using classic site collections because you can use old scripts.
I have tried the old classic search results page in SharePoint Online.


It was right below the header in the center of the screen at the top yes. They say its not custom and they told me it was just some "stuff" they needed to turn on.  I'm not a sharepoint professional by any means i work with it and understand it and geting better daily.. but "turn stuff on" lol doesnt seem right. 

@ipconfig_28 o365 has new Search feature which will have a search bar on the top header like below & it searches across whole content inside o365. Is this what you mean?223.PNG

@unnie ayilliath 

No the one i saw was only searching the document library on the specific site.



They just sent me a screen shot.


This is what there doing.

2019-06-11 13_37_35-Window.png


@ipconfig_28 any news when Microsoft is bringing out the update? Really need this update in the modern UI. Now i use the classic webpart, Refinement web part.



Sorry, no new news. 

@ipconfig_28  I'm wondering if Microsoft Roadmap ID 57054 - Custom verticals and refiners in Microsoft Search, is the answer to get custom Filters added to the Microsoft Search function.

This is the blurb with it:
New support for custom verticals and refiners in Microsoft Search allows you to customize out of the box verticals for Microsoft Search, add custom refiners, create new verticals for SharePoint and OneDrive, and create modern result types with modern display templates with adaptive cards for OneDrive and SharePoint content.


Does anyone know when this is going to be launched because it shows release date: Q2 CY2020 

which has already pasted...