SharePoint Online Modern Quick Links web part can no longer select Document Library from "Site"

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When I open up Quick Links web part and go to Add a link, then select the "Sites" option, as of yesterday my Document Libraries are no longer selectable. I can only navigate within them and select files/etc.


Any ideas why this is happening?

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I'm experiencing the same behaviour, and the only workaround that I find is to paste the document library link using the option "From a Link". But this way isn't very comfortable.
Same issue same work around. It was working fine one week ago and didn't see anything about a change like that.
Good to know that is not only me! What a bugger...

@Alessio Fochi 

Just did that work around... so cumbersome. I hope they fix this soon! Is there any support blog or similar that I can follow from Microsoft?

I am having the same issue, this is no good! I hope that this gets fixed or put back to the way it was quickly.

Glad that it is not just me though.
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Hi everybody,
Since yesterday, I noticed that I can add again a link to a document library or folder from Site option.
If you flag in the top right corner of the library you want to add or select a folder, the button Open will be enabled.



Hurray! I can confirm that it's back for me as well. Happy days.