SharePoint Online Modern library and list. Setting item limit in view does not work

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I have several modern lists and libraries with hundreds of items. I just want to create a "lightweight view", with few columns, showing 20 items at a time.

If I set a limit at 20 (Display items in batches of the specified size) and use the view, I see 20 items for about 2 seconds before the rest is loaded in. This is super frustrating :( No problems using classic mode.

Anybody else experienced this? Solutions?


Also, what happened with "upload as new version?" This also seems to be missing when using modern mode.

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@Karl Øgaard - Did you ever find a solution?  I am experiencing the same with a library when I set batches. 


If I select "limit the total number of items returned to the specified amount" the display number is fine, but there is not a next option to look at the rest of the items in the list.

I'm experiencing the same problem with one of my libraries and I can't find too much documentation that speaks to a fix out there right now.

Also having this with some views in Modern UI. 


All items are being returned even when set to default of 30.

@Karl Øgaard @Paul Dallman@Josh Baltz


A SharePoint administrator could submit a ticket and point to this post.  Or tag an MS employee.


I am not an administrator and would not know who tag.


Or we may be lucky and someone will swoop in with a solution.




Hi Catherine, I am the admin, but i believe this is (another) shortfall in modern UI functionality. If not that then its (another) bug with modern UI as if you set to 30 then look in classic it works as it should. Only not working in Modern



I'm experiencing the same issue. It looks like some may not think this is a bug but rather a design choice by Microsoft? There's even a uservoice suggestion to enable batching with pagination in the modern view (which I think this chain is looking for).


I don't have to scroll to load more items than my batch count. All items in a doc library load when I have batch in sets of 30 and there are more than 30 files.

Craziness.  I was wondering why this doesn't work myself.  The link referenced here has been deleted. 

Was a solution ever presented for this issue? I am having the same problem.