SharePoint Online Modern: How to remove vertical scroll bar in Embed web part?

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The site is in the modern experience. I want to embed an image map. The code for the image map is saved as an .aspx file. 

When I put in the Embed web part, the image displays, and the image map works but there is a vertical scrollbar.

When I try:

<iframe scr="URL" width="1400px" height="690px"></iframe>, or

<iframe scr="URL" width="1400" height="690"></iframe>

I get the error message: "We can't show this embedded content because the code seems to be incomplete. Make sure that the embed code includes width, height and a valid address for the src attribute."

How do I remove the vertical scroll bar?


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@Vanessa Martin9 Try using iframe code in this format: 


<iframe src="/default.asp" width="100%" height="700">




<iframe src="/default.asp" width="100%" height="700" style="overflow-y: hidden">


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@ganeshsanap I tried both of your suggestions with no success.