SharePoint Online Modern File Viewer web part & PowerPoint - Animation woes


Hello there,


I'm responsible for technical training and SharePoint administration for my company.  I have developed a training on some of our new Office 365 systems and I wanted to show my PowerPoint in a Modern Page on our intranet.  

However, my Animations do not seem to be supported.  IT and Technical trainings can be a little dry and the animations are pretty critical.  

I have tried:

  • Embedding the file instead of using the File Viewer web part
  • Setting up a Slide Show and using that within both the File Viewer and the Embed web parts

Is there any documentation that might explain why this might be happening?

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Hi Meg!

Since the presentation, in the web part, is displayed using PowerPoint Online i think You will find the limitations that cause your problem here: 

Regards, Magnus

@Meg Simmons I have the same responsibilities in my organization also, have you made any progress figuring out how to render the slide shows on a Sharepoint Online page? I have been experimenting with image galleries that have animated gifs, interactive powerpoint presentations with animations and transitions saved as a show (I am having difficulty getting it to render as view only), but havent found a really scalable solution yet. 

@Chas Burdick  I have some animations that play fine when I start with PowerPoint online, but when I use the same presentation in the File Viewer web part on a SharePoint page, the animations don't work.


Working fine: fly in.

Not working: appear with trigger set to a shape


Any ideas?