SharePoint Online - main menu items in mobile navigation without hyperlink

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We are experiencing an issue in the mobile navigation of a communication website in SharePoint online.


The main menu item without a hyperlink is rendered in the mobile menu with a hyperlink to a URL "http:// linkless.header". Therefore the main menu item is clickable in the mobile view for the end user and links to an error page in the mobile browser.


BTW: same behavior in the mobile SharePoint App.


looks like a bug - any suggestions?




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Status Update: Bug confirmed by Microsoft Support Team - hotfix is planned.

Hi André, gibt es dazu ein Update? Konnte nirgendwo etwas dazu finden. Offenbar besteht das Problem aber nur beim Standard Release. Auf dem Targeted release scheint es behoben zu sein. Möchte aber wissen, wann das in den Standard Release kommt. Ist das irgendwo ersichtlich?

@André Schiemann Is there any timeline for hotfix? This issue is very bad user experience.

I could not verify this fix in Targeted release as well. I have enabled Targeted release in developer instance. But still i see this issue.

@André Schiemann  Can you please provide link to Release plan for this fix.