Sharepoint online (M365) concept review

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Hey People, 


Ive got a mission to create a concept of my own for my company. 

What I've got so far is an existing chaotic (naturally bred) sharepoint structure for 1 1/2 region of 3 with the specific user permissions given by requesting the same. Sometimes sites were created by region, sometimes by Department and other times by project. Its always and only used as library for the companies documents and is recognized as a part of the Data-Explorer on the Desktop. 


Our company has some departments whose work is mostly limited to one region and others that work for a major part of the group or for the whole group, like us the IT Dep. . 


As hubsites are a thing, I tried to build a test sharepoint structured this way -> (*D = Department, R = Region)


D1 -> Hub

     D1R1 -> Site the Hub D1 is set on -> that way all Regions departments are using the same                                                                                layout and navigation and therefore can work easily in other                                                                    regions

          FolderXopen -> A Folder the permissions are set based on the department

                    SubfolderPARTIALLYrestricted -> permissions set based on interest 

          FolderXrestricted -> A folder the permissions are set based on position

     D1R2+3 -> Site the Hub D1 is set on

D2 -> Not a Hub, because the whole Department works together for the whole group


and so on... 


I want to set the permissions based on the users given metadata that should be filled out in a form by the employee, we admins then set the correctly formatted information in a sharepoint list which should automatically (I hope a flow in Power Automate should handle it, but my tries are failing until now. I guess that I did not understand the Syntax of functions within sharepoint and PA yet) set the correct permissions based on given Projects, (Department), Position and Location. 


What do you guys think about that all and do you think it is 

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