Sharepoint Online List (Word Wrap Header)

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I have a SPO list with some field headings that are long.  Is there a way to force word wrapping only on the header?

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Edit the page, insert the script editor and then paste the below script. I just tested and its working fine.


<style type= "text/css">
.ms-vh, .ms-vh2-nofilter, .ms-vh2-nograd, .ms-vh2, .ms-vb
{white-space: normal}

Is it possible to do this with JSON?
I have the same question.
@spinman Does this ficx work for all viewers or just the individual who has made the changes you suggest?

@PeterM2u the solution posted by @ellan1537 would work for all users. But be aware this only works if you have a classic site or an older version of SharePoint. It doesn't work for the modern experience as there is no script editor.


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