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Hi all,


I have created a list with multiple different views. So when a user clicks on a button on a SharePoint site it takes them to the list and presents the list with the correct view assigned which is great.


How can I restrict users from changing the list view though? There is some confidential information which some people are allowed to view, and other people are not allowed to view.


I want to allow 1 group of people to only ever see View1, a different group of people to only ever see View2, a different group of people to only ever see View3 etc etc. All the different views contain different columns, rather than different rows.


Ideally I would have a group of email addresses and if your email address falls into that group you only see View1. A second group of email addresses would only see View2 etc.


Any help would be much appreciated.





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SharePoint views, all the way back to the SharePoint 2001 days have always been about saving and defining views on list / library data. They've never been intended as a security mechanism. So, there's no easy fix for this.

You'd need to use item level permissions on each item within a specific view and give it a member group with the appropriate names / email addresses within it. I suspect you'll need some form of workflow to maintain the arrangement going forward.
Thanks for getting back to me, Steven. I will look into this.