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Hi...I'm having the hardest time doing something I  thought would be simple. 

The task: Create a page that holds 1) a simple text box web part with instruction, and b) a list view web part. What I can't seem to do is make the list view web part full-page width, even though the section it's in is full page. 

I don't understand why this isn't possible. The default list view page (which isn't editable) contains a full-page view of the list data.


Why isn't that available in a custom page? 

Am I missing something? 

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Hi @VirginiaH75,


the full-width section in client side pages only supports spfx webparts that have the "supportsFullBleed" property set to true.......

And the default list webpart unfortunately don't seem to do this.

You could try to install the "PnP Modern Search" webparts: 

The "Search Results" webpart can be configured to look like a list and can be used in a full-width section.

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