SharePoint Online List View - Auto-Refresh

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I have a bit of a strange issue that has only started occurring around a week or so ago. It is only affecting some users and is happening in both Internet Explorer and Google Chrome browsers.

I have a list set up (in modern experience) in my SharePoint Online site that is monitored by about 20 people where other users around the company can submit work requests to them. 

Up until last week, whenever a new item was submitted, or an existing item was modified, it would automatically update in the list view (without having to refresh the page). However now, the only way they can see new items is by refreshing the page. Is there any way we can get the list view to auto-update as and when items are modified/created in the list? Any help would be much appreciated. 

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Hi! I encounter the same issue with the list view updating too slow so the users cannot see the changes when they actually have been done.
I was going to post pretty much the same thing but by the lack of replies you received not sure it's worth it. My users started to report this April 2023. I can confirm that it doesn't work for me either. Used to refresh automatically now nothing without forcing a browser refresh. Did this clear up for you? Still an issue?