Sharepoint Online list records\items disappear after page refresh

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Hello Everyone,


I'm a newbie to Sharepoint Online and i'm dealing with a puzzling situation.

One user has access to a SharePoint online list where the newest records\items disappear after a page refresh.


when i clear data\cookies from the browser and execute a refresh the records are back again. if i execute a refresh again the items disappear.

Usually, this happens to items marked as new.

The user is a list owner, and any user can read items on the list.


Does anyone encountered this before?


Thank you for your time.

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@lalilulelo The same is happening to me.  If I refresh a list with items, the most recent 5-6 items disappear.  In Edge, if I close the browser, sometimes they come back, sometimes only if I refresh my cache.  In Chrome, they only come back if I clear my cache and browsing history.

But as soon as I refresh the page again...they disappear again every time.

Hi @lalilulelo! The same problem occurs in our environment too. The problem affects one of our users. We even tried the following cases: If He logs in on another computer, everything is fine. If I log into His machine with my profile, everything works perfectly. After switching the accounts back, everything goes wrong again. We tested with Edge and with Chorome. Have you managed to figure something out? Thanks a lot!