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I have a SPO list with around 2000 items. There are around 50 columns. The issue we are facing is that certain columns can be filtered but even though there is a record nothing is displayed using the filter. Some columns do work. I took all totals off and tried but it is still the same.


The columns that do work and do not work are all single line text columns. The list permissions are okay and everyone can read all records.


What would be causing this behaviour?

Thank you


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When I filter the list using another column which returns results, I then add a 2nd filter on one of the columns which do not work and even though I can see an option in the list, the 2nd filter does not work.
i'm facing same issue also on our SPO portal. Any luck with the resolution?
Unfortunately I have not.
I think we are having the same issue. We have a SPO list on a Team Site with a few thousand items. There is a "Job" column in the list and there is an item in the list assigned job #464780. If we sort the list on the Job column and then scroll down to find the item manually, it's there. But if we use the Filter option and search for 464780, the filter pane returns the value as a selectable filter choice, but then the list shows no items when the filter is applied.

Is this the same issue you are experiencing? Any luck with resolution?
Guys - I just determined that in our case, the filtering issue we are discussing here is related to a leading space in the value being filtered. So instead of the job number being "464870" it's actually stored in the List column as " 464870". When the filter gets applied, it's dropping the leading space, resulting in no items being shown.

Not sure if it's the same issue for you guys, but check for leading or trailing spaces.

@Eddoria - Seeing the same here: the second filter is not being recognized at all. Can repeat this on any site, any library, any list. Have an open ticket with Microsoft, will share any outcome here. 


I was filtering over a calculated column having custom date format. I found that sharepoint list filter has some issues with underscore '_' character. When I removed it from column format in formula, filter worked.


This because you have too much lookup column and people picker. you can remove some of them, then you can view the data in your view.

you can't add more than 12 lookup column include user and group column.

@Linyu001 @Eddoria @mgaztr @Pandra @Alan_Gnegy 


Try adding indexing on the column based on which you are filtering the list data.


Follow documentation: Add an index to a list or library column 

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