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Hello All,


I'm trying to filter birthday list items where the birthday month is equal to current month, I've tried different techniques to extract the month of the birthday datetime field and compare it but didn't work,


finally I added a text field called Month of Birth and manually entered the month and added a filter to compare the month of birth to current month using field is equal to Text([Today],"mmmm") but again this is not working!


any idea what is wrong ?





Thank you


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@mozaki Check if solutions given in this thread works for you: Filter contact list by current month 

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Hello @ganeshsanap ,


Unfortunatelly no, because the [Today] keyword is not allowed now in the calculated fields, although using now() or today() will work but i do understand that calculated fields are evaluated and value is set only upon adding the item or updating it, so it will not be updated automatically overtime leading to wrong filtering.


Cannot we use formulas inside the filter value ?