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Long story short, we used a script to change the list experience for a subsite to classic ( here is the link to the script provided in Technet SharePoint-Online-Set-all-3db41598


the issue is rather than changing the experience for one subsite; it has been changed for all site collection; the image below shows a library setting for a random list on a subsite




My question is the if I change this setting to deactivate ( on the main site), will that fix the issue? will default experience will be reverted to modern for site collection?





Also, what`s the best way to change the list experience to classic for a subsite? for instance: https://companyname/sitename

I appreciate your help.


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Hi @Aysani,


That example script only changes list setting to site specified with Url, so it doesn't affect subsites by default.


For your first question, deactivating that feature should change all lists, which have list experience option set as "Default experience for the site".


And that example script works for a subsite, just use subsite url in the script.