SharePoint Online List Column Validation on Multiple Fields Not Working

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I'm trying to enforce validation in an out of the box SharePoint list. When a value is selected in a choice column eg. Column A = 1, I want six other columns to become required. The column types are as follows:

Column B: Yes/No Column C: Choice Column D: Single line of text Column E: Single line of text Column F: Single line of text Column G: Single line of text

Validation syntax: =IF([Column A]="1",AND(NOT(ISBLANK([Column B])),NOT(ISBLANK([Column C])),NOT(ISBLANK([Column D])),NOT(ISBLANK([Column E])),NOT(ISBLANK([Column F])),NOT(ISBLANK([Column G]))),TRUE)


Issue 1: It doesn't work on Yes/No type of column (Column B) i.e. I can submit the form by leaving it blank, but if I change it to Single line of text it works. 

Issue 2: It allows me to submit the form If I select a value in Column C and leave everything else blank. 

Issue 3: When I remove Column C from the syntax I can submit the form by leaving all required fields empty.


For issue 1: Tried changing column type to text, it worked but tried on another Yes/No type column, it didn't work. tried on a different list in a different site collection. For issue 2 and 3:

  • Tried a different list in a different site collection.
  • Tried removing the choice type column and all validation stopped working.
  • Tried with just one or two columns, worked fine.
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@AshMSport Try this:

  1. Use choice column with Yes and No choices instead of Yes/No (Boolean) column.
  2. Make sure all your choice columns referred in formula allows single selection only.
  3. Use formula like: 
    =IF([Column A]="1",IF(OR(ISBLANK([Column B]),ISBLANK([Column C]),ISBLANK([Column D]),ISBLANK([Column E]),ISBLANK([Column F]),ISBLANK([Column G])),FALSE,TRUE),TRUE)​


  1. Sometimes comma( , ) does not work in formula (it is based on language or regional settings of your SharePoint site). So in that case use semicolon( ; ) instead of comma( , ).
  2. Use correct display name of your SharePoint columns in above formula.
  3. Wrap column names inside [] if your column name has space in it. For example: [My Column Name].

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@ganeshsanap Not working. I'm able to submit the form by filling data in just Columns B and C. Tried using semi colon also, nogo.