SharePoint Online Latency linking to anchor links

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My company is trying to create a SharePoint Online wiki and departmental pages.  We have been creating test sites and navigating to and from them using direct links and also anchor links directly to site content.  We've noticed that there is inconsistencies when navigating to site pages vs sub sites and sites directly.  Here is the best summary we can come up with:


When navigating from one SITE PAGE to another SITE PAGE, there is noticeable latency when navigating to an anchor link. The top of the page will load instantly but it won’t jump down to the anchor link for about 5 seconds.


When navigating from Home.aspx to the same exact anchor link on the SITE PAGE, there is no latency and the performance is much better.


Has anyone experienced this same issue and know of a fix or a general rule of thumb for linking to the anchor links?  We would obviously like the page loads to be quick and snappy and not have to worry about linking to a resource within our SharePoint online sites, sub-sites, and site pages.

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I encounter the same issue! Did you solve it? If so, how?