SharePoint Online landing page with lists data from across different classic SharePoint Online sites

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Hi All,


I have a SharePoint Online requirement where some SPO sites has classic information architecture.  


Cliaasic Pagepng.png



and other users have created modern pages within the same site other sites collections.


02 Modren Page.png

The requirements are:

  • The landing page needs to be interactive with following web parts.
    • News and Announcements
    • Calendar
    • Quick Links
    • Frequently used forms.
    • Discussion board

  • As users are using both classic and modern pages, do we option that using modern SharePoint Online page (using Modern Teams Site Template) and pull lists from classic web parts across SharePoint online sites?

    Suggestions like Page Viewer Web Part  OR  we have any SPFx solution for this kind of requirement?

    Any pointers will be highly appreciated.  


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