SharePoint Online Integration with SAP ONEPLM

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We are looking at integration of OnePLM (SAP) document management solutions with our SharePoint Online environment.


Use Case: Link all Quality documents in ONEPLM to a SharePoint document library. Any changes in document in ONEPLM should reflect in SharePoint document library if a new version of the same document is created in ONEPLM the link in the SharePoint document library should automatically update to point to the new version in ONEPLM.


Has anyone done this before and can provide some insight/technical details on how to achieve it.

thank you for your feedback in advance!

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@Ajay Mandal Not familiar with ONEPLM, does it generate a new URL every time a document is updated or new version is created? If not, then I don't see a problem with using 'Link' document type available out of the box in SharePoint.



If URL gets updated with every edit to document then may be it is better to keep the source doc in SharePoint and link it in other system as SP keeps the URL consistent with different versions.


@Bharath Arja Well if both the system is secure, that is one needs credentials to login, in that case will the link work?

Depends on what identity system is setup with. If both uses Azure AD as their identity provider and setup for SSO, then Yes. If both the systems have different logins/identity providers, then No.