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On our home page (main hub site), I have a vertical section on the right. I want to use the dark red shading, however when I pick the darker shading, it washes out all the text like you see below.


Can anyone else confirm, does this happen to you too? I've had an open ticket with Microsoft since last November which has proven to be completely useless; after 8 months they can't even get a hold of an engineer to ask why this is happening. Is there some fix I don't know about or, some CSS code or something that I could throw in there to get this to cooperate?





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@mgudites1 I just tried this on my SharePoint tenant & I am able to reproduce this issue.


Content is shown properly when page is in edit mode. When I published the page, feed title is invisible (white color applied to feed title). I can see the feed title on hover because it applied red background color to feed tile on hover:


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Thanks for helping me confirm! At least now I know it's not specific to our tenant or something. Now if I could just get Microsoft to actually acknowledge it...

@mgudites1 You're welcome! Glad it helped you.


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